About Us

Coco'Pie Clothing is a vibrant, new children's t-shirt line. We will feature culture rich designs, slogans and imagery reflective of the beauty within ethnicity .  

Coco'Pie was inspired by my two young daughters Mikayla age 7, and Kennedy age 3. It all began when shopping one scorching hot Arizona day. Mikayla, age 3 at the time excitedly noticed a t-shirt . This t-shirt featured a little brown girl with two circular ponytails and a huge smile . She excitedly said "It's me mommy, look it's me!" 

So of course I purchased the shirt , the only one of its kind. She ultimately wore this shirt to no end ; through fading, shrinkage and the best wear a 3yr old could give. 

I retuned to the store only to find out the design was "seasonal" and would most likely not be in stock again . After searching high and low to no avail , Coco'Pie was born early 2011. Coco'Pie itself derives from the nicknames I gave my girls to describe their beautiful skin .

Both Kennedy and Mikayla are very active in every stage of the design process now . I can see firsthand how it creates an undeniable self esteem and worth.

Our mission is to instill self esteem and pride amongst all of our youth by using these same mirror images of ethnicity. To embrace, encourage, educate and elevate !