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CocoPie Clothing About Us

Ponytails or puffs. Braids or twists. No matter how they wear their hair - our goal at Coco’Pie Clothing is to show black girls how beautiful they are by placing their awesomeness front and center on our shirts! As a family run apparel company, we understand how much representation matters and want it to be normal for black girls to see images of themselves in a positive way, every day.

Founded in 2011 by our amazing CEO, Shantae Pelt, Coco’Pie came to life after one of her daughters saw a t-shirt with a little black girl on it. She excitedly exclaimed, “Look, mommy! It’s ME on that shirt!” Shantae bought the shirt and her daughter literally wore it out! She beamed every time she wore it and this helped Ms. Pelt realize how much images of brown girls were missing in mainstream apparel and were obviously needed in a major way!

Inspired by her two girls, Mikayla and Kennedy, whom she lovingly calls her “coco pies,” Shantae decided to create her own line of shirts that her daughters could wear with pride as often as they wanted to. Without a clue how to start a t-shirt line, she began doing research and soon found a mentor to walk her through the process. Coco’Pie Clothing became a new passion and after the first set of 12 shirts sold out, she knew this was a dream worth pursuing.

Today we have a full line of onesies, tees, and sweatshirts for children and women in a variety of sizes, that amplify the essence of black culture. All of our clothing items are made with soft, super comfy, and high quality fabric that have a great fit. They also hold up well in the wash, so your favorite Coco’Pie can wear her shirt over and over again! We also have fun accessories, such as earrings and tote bags, too!

Our brand is a celebration of what it means to be black and beautiful - a lesson that has to start early. Our customers shop with us because they enjoy having a cute and creative way to reinforce the messages of self-love they’re already teaching their children at home. In the years since we began, we’ve also become a platform to encourage families to embrace kidpreneurship and economic empowerment - issues that are important to our founder.

We invite you to spend some time on the site to learn more about the exciting things happening with us. After you find something perfect for the Coco’Pie in your life, make sure to share it with us on Instagram for a chance to be featured! We love seeing little brown girls shouting out loud, “There’s power in these puffs!”